For us, responsibility is not a selling point. It is as fundamental as the fit of a garment.

Committed to quality.

We are committed to making versatile clothing that lives on, season after season. Prioritising quality and longevity, we design items in colours and styles that remain timeless in your wardrobe, allowing you to make the responsible choice to buy less and buy better.

Considered materials.

We use responsibly sourced, recycled, and certified materials wherever possible. Our premium puffer coats feature either 100% responsibly sourced down or 100% recycled polyester insulation and we are transitioning to 100% BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton for our core knitwear.

Conscious production.

We prioritise safe working conditions for our product makers, ensuring our suppliers meet global standards for working conditions and wages. Our Move and Always fabrics are bluesign® APPROVED, featuring eco-friendly dyeing and printing methods in these collections.

Environmentally aware.

We believe in only making what we need by cutting our collections to order, minimising our waste output. We use recycled polythene to pack our garments and we’ve also eliminated single-use plastics from our e-commerce packaging, utilising recycled and FSC Certified materials instead.

Our responsibility starts with transparency. Understanding and sharing the traceability of our products enables us to improve our social and environmental impact.

Fairly Made®.

In line with our commitment to responsibility, we've partnered with Fairly Made®. This collaboration gives us the tools to measure the impact of our actions and enhance transparency in tracing our product origins.

From February 2024, Fairly Made will begin a project to measure and score our products’ environmental and social impact. This ongoing initiative allows us to understand the traceability of our products and work towards a more transparent and responsible future.


We prioritise responsible packaging by using recycled polythene and eliminating single-use plastics from our e-commerce operations. Hang tags are FSC Certified, supporting responsible forestry, and poly bags are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Our UK, EU and US packaging is FSC Certified and recyclable. From 2024, all our care labels and internal woven labels will be made from recycled polyester.

Smart Works.

We are proud to partner with Smart Works, a UK charity that helps women secure employment and change the trajectory of their lives. As a registered partner, Varley donates clothes to Smart Works on a rolling basis, supporting the charity's work to help more women across the UK through the power of clothing. This partnership not only limits waste but also helps to provide women with the quiet confidence to live life on their own terms.

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