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A wardrobe for how
you move & live

Varley offers an elevated everyday wardrobe for the modern woman. Rooted in movement, we are defined by the women who wear Varley, instilling quiet confidence through contemporary and active collections that enhance everything you already are.

As women’s lives evolve, so do we.

Our contemporary & active collections are designed with the goal of giving you the quiet confidence to live life on your terms.

Our Story.

Founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife team, Lara and Ben Mead, Varley is built on a shared love of movement, combined with the passion to create timeless collections for how the modern woman moves and lives.

Since the brand's inception, we have evolved from an activewear focused label into a brand that delves deeper into our consumers' wardrobes. Active pieces no longer define us and have now become the canvas for which everyday outfits are built.

Headquartered between Los Angeles and London, Varley remains an international family-run business, with each city continuing to influence our distinct aesthetic. What began as a self-funded company of two, has grown into a tight-knit team of thinkers, creators, and innovators, taking care of our clothes, each other, and you.

We're guided by two intrinsic beliefs: the pursuit of quality in everything we do and looking after one another. Everything else should take care of itself.

Found in over 1000 stores worldwide.

Our People.

Thinkers, dreamers & innovators

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