Sandal season is here.

Introducing the Corte and Latona sandals: a testament to modern design and ultimate comfort. Crafted with expert shoemakers in Spain, these premium sandals are designed to last all summer and into the next.

The Corte.

Made from 100% genuine soft Napa leather, the Corte multi-strap sandal blends modern design with unmatched comfort. Its sleek slingback style, adorned with Varley's signature metal trim, offers both fashion and function. With adjustable straps and a secure velcro heel, it ensures a personalised fit. Plus, its custom rubber sole and memory-foam cushioned footbed promise all-day comfort.

The Latona.

For those craving timeless elegance, the Latona delivers. This slide-style sandal boasts luxurious suede uppers and Varley's elegant signature bar buckle, marrying sophistication with wearability. Like its counterpart, the Latona features a durable rubber outsole and a plush, memory-foam cushioned footbed for unmatched comfort.

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A pair worth stepping into.

01| Outsoles.

The custom Varley genuine rubber outsoles boast a unique tread design, enhancing traction and flexibility for superior comfort on the move.

02| Cork footbed.

The re-constructed cork footbed moulds to your foot and provides natural shock absorption, arch support, and flexible comfort for your every step.

03| Memory foam.

A layer of memory foam has been added to the re-constructed cork footbed for enhanced comfort.

04| Napa lining.

Crafted from 100% genuine Napa leather sourced from certified tanneries, our premium lining offers unrivalled softness and smooth texture.